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I am not a computer scientist or Fortran guru and, as such, am unlikely to be able to help you with Fortran code, compilation or runtime problems. There are several options available for installing gfortran for Mac OS X, other than installing from source code. I currently choose to use the relevant gfortran installer. There are also various tar-files of gfortran distributions provided at the High Performance Computing web page.

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There are up-to-date distributions for some systems only Mac OS X I recommend not to choose a package containing a version that is not a stable version according to the main GCC web site. Furthermore, for simplicity, I would recommend only to install the relevant "gfortran only" distributions. The files are gzip'd tar-files which should be unpacked, for instance by using the Terminal application, as follows:. Previously, I had preferred to use the gfortran packages distributed in association with the R Project. These can be found in the "Apple Xcode gcc add-ons" section of their Tools web page opens in new window or via the direct links below.

These gfortran packages and updates are specifically built to match Apple's own gcc builds. This does mean that the version is back at GCC 4. When it comes to macOS, I think that building form sources is the best approach you can have.


Command Line Tools. In the past, running command like "svn", when Command Line Tools were not installed, also triggered the installation. Listen now.

Learn more. Fortran codes won't compile on Mac with gfortran Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 6 months ago.

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  5. Viewed 3k times. Vladimir F How did you install gfortran exactly? I honestly don't recall. I think MacPorts or Homebrew. I loaded gfortran years ago but haven't needed it until now. Personally, I would be inclined to uninstall it, update Xcode and CommandLine tools and then reinstall.

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    All the underlying linkages and stuff change with each upgrade to macOS. Commandline tools are installed with xcode-select --install. Homebrew packages gfortran with GCC , so you do brew install gcc to get it. My advice would be to: uninstall gfortran , check that Xcode and its command line tools are up-to-date, re-install gfortran. If you installed gfortran via homebrew , you can remove it with: brew rm gcc You can update Xcode by by going to AppStore and clicking Updates at top-right.