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When was macOS Mojave released?
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If you own an iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, or Xserve, regularly updating your computer with the newest operating system is a great way to ensure that your device always has the latest apps, features, and security enhancements.

Before upgrading

While Apple previously charged users for its desktop operating system software, in October , the company announced that OS X Mavericks would be made available for free from the Mac App Store. First, you will want verify that your Mac hardware is compatible with the latest version of OS X. In addition to the operating system versions listed above, there are also several older versions that can be upgraded through a multi-step process.

This can be initiated by clicking the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and selecting the Software Update option.

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Depending on your Internet connection, it may take several hours. Once the download is done, the macOS Catalina installer will open. Click Continue:. The next window will ask you where. Click Install. You may have to enter your Admin password. Installation will start. When it is done, you will need to click Restart to restart your computer. This error occurs because of poor Internet connections.

Please make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection. And then retry again.

Update Safari

This problem may also occur because of the fact that a lot of people are trying to download macOS Catalina at the same time. Just wait and try again later. The macOS Catalina installation may also fail if you do not have enough storage space available on your Mac. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again. As stated above, you need at least This article explains how you can free up hard disk space on your Mac. Press and hold the power button on your Mac for up to 10 seconds, until your Mac turns off and then turn your Mac back on. Your Mac should start up normally.

How to download and install macOS updates

If that does not solve, please see this article. Press the power or Touch ID button for up to 10 seconds until your Mac powers off and then restart your Mac. Try rebuilding the Spotlight index. Now click Privacy and add folders or disks that you want to index and exit Preferences. See also: Spotlight not working? You can also always contact Apple support. I just upgraded to new Catalina software and no longer able to connect to internet via my Safari app.

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Safari will not connect Have you heard of this problem? A Gore. Before implementing this fix back up your mac, this steps involves system-level changes. So if things go south, then you will not lose your data. The upgrade never warns you that Microsoft word and XL will no longer work. The Apple people just say too bad not our fault.

The Microsoft people say give me money up front and we will try and fix it, TRY no guarantee. Microsoft want you to get office and that has an annual fee, a bit rich considering I have to purchased a new Office every time I get a new computer.

macOS - How to Upgrade - Apple

How rich do these companies want to be? It has evolved well and is a viable productivity suite.

This condition has made it impossible to use the cursor to move through the collection. At the same time, if I persisted, I was at times, able to play a track and the music replay was normal. You should move it to the trash. After hitting the Move to Trash button, the error window dissapears but wil reapper each tie I open my mac. How do I fix this?

How to upgrade to macOS Catalina

I tried upgrading my iMac from Mojave to Catalina. Has anyone else had this issue? What can I do to resolve this?