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Instead, it starts me off at the very beginning 19 times out of I have to take screen shots of the time if I can remember when I exit, and then I usually have to wait a minute for it to slowly buffer up to, say, minute 47 of an hour long podcast when I come back o finish SUPER annoying. They throttle the download rates to conserve bandwidth on their end for sure. Contrast this with iHeart radio, which remembers where I left off in ANY given podcast and starts me off there.

macOS Catalina: macOS 10.15 release date, news and features

Most issues can be resolved with the help of TuneIn's customer support support tunein. We look forward to hearing from you. I use it to listen to favorite radio stations from places I used to live. Tunein used to be much simpler and smoother to operate. One problem is Tunein stops now when I access a web site.


Once the site loads, if I go back to Tunein and hit play, it resumes, but it seems like that should be automatic. Tunein in used to resume on its own when it hit a glitch. If it can play, why do I have to ask it to? This problem may be the station HFS , but the Tunein screen used to show the name of the song the station was playing, but it no longer does.

Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast

Tunein just seems more sluggish and awkward than it used to, and over time, it ought to get smoother and more efficient. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. I have flash player and it is checked. The latest version is there.

Streaming will still not work.

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However as I have said old shows open in the same window structure and will play. I am stuck. Ther station has no audio engineer to help either. Oct 20, PM. Oct 21, AM in response to joe musich In response to joe musich. What OS and Safari versions are you using? Oct 21, AM. I am using the lastest upgrades to both OS X and safari. Thanks for reminding me I need to upgrade my profile info. I missed that. Interestingly enough I can live stream on both the ipads. One runs the latest iOS and the other the last ios9.

I will try what you suggest. Two backups are better than one. Try setting up another admin user account to see if the same problem continues. The intent is to see if it is specific to one account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later. Isolating an issue by using another user account. If the problem is still there, try booting into the Safe Mode using your normal account. Disconnect all peripherals except those needed for the test. Shut down the computer and then power it back up after waiting 10 seconds. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the shift key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear.

The boot up is significantly slower than normal.

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This will reset some caches, forces a directory check, and disables all startup and login items, among other things. When you reboot normally, the initial reboot may be slower than normal. If the system operates normally, there may be 3rd party applications which are causing a problem. Reach the other side and kill anyone that stands in your way. Amazing retro arcade multiplayer game. OpenBoR General. Of course we can fire and power up our weapons thanks to the items we'll find in our way.

This tool does include a great anti detect and anti ban system with built in Proxy and VPN support. From humble beginnings in , it has since grown into the most versatile, easy to use, and powerful engine of its type you will find anywhere. Download the game over at the Porting Team http. Except they have a tendency to make things goofy instead.

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Best Facebook Live Stream Software for Mac and PC 12222

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