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With Verizon on strike, I don't think that anyone is going to come out to diagnose that side of the problem, so I bought this antenna. It works, but installation on Mac OS For the record, there is a video on YouTube , and you can download the driver from the alfa web site here but I got the instructions on the CD that came with the antenna.

The instructions themselves involve the following steps. I had to use another computer, since the Mac's internet connection was not working properly.

Rtl8187b Driver Mac 10.6

It works. The antenna receives enough signal that internet works fine. This is an important point, and I'm happy for it. But there are two more negatives.

Airport, it's NHR with no contest. Airport is Dual-band, When testing, check your settings to see what band is used, etc.. I am running lion. All of a sudden, the supplied wireless network utility no longer sees my network or any of the other networks it used to see. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

Any suggestions? Pulling in 10 sites compared to 4 on the internal card. However, the download speed of the 36H is 9mb compared to 17mb comcast cable.

Rtlb Driver Mac

Is there a setting or? Gunny, There is some confusion here Do you mean APs? Are you comparing a Max speed on 36H is 54Mbps Mega-bit-per-second. Mb The max speed is dependent of the Tx-Rx. Comcast cable is your -internet speed-, not your home network speed. Your internet speed depends on multiple factors, i. Sorry about the NHR mix up and confusion. I'm I missing something? It's right?

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I have a preference for NHR. Thank you and sorry for my English :. As of now, it will not work. I just got the awusNEH and am having a lot of trouble getting it to work.

I haven't been able to test the strength and speed yet and the 9 DBI antenna is still on the way but do you think the NHR is significantly better? I am looking for the strongest adapter I can get.

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Also, what antennas do you recommend for it? I have not tested the NEH, but Hence I would -predict- better results with the NHR. On the top of that, there is roughly two types: Omnidirectional and Directional. So again, for what use? To add again some joy to it, the radio waves propagation are a subject for PhD's, especially over long distances. Hi, I have the 36H and Kali app. Works brilliantly. However, my question is NHR related.

I am curious to also try out the NHR, but I want to make sure that installing the driver for it will not somehow "over write" the driver for the 36H, if you understand what I mean. This may sound like a stupid question but I want to make sure that my Kali or Realtek app will not be messed up by installing the NHR.

I would not be using the NHR and 36H at the same time. Thank you! Either on the same Network, or on different ones. Thanks :. I am running Mountain Lion I tried this on OS X It sees my WiFi and my router sees the device but I cannot get out to the internet. I've tried the Driver from the alfa site, reltek, your link and others and still no luck.

I'll keep the NHR and keep trying. I wish there were a step by step instruction guide for dumb people me. Any info you could pass on would be appreciated. Im on a MacbookPro9. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It could be as simple as Mac Address filtering. You have to try with different access point to check. I'm using this outside of KISMac. My goal is to simply connect to Wifi where available but weak signals, like in 3rd world coutries such as Bermuda.

Kali App Makes Them Work

Sorry, but your WiFi does suck and its the 2nd time I've left the island within 24 hours because of that. You need to get with the program people. Duly noted, and my apologies. Actually I am working with some people in St George's to remedy the situation. I'll pay for it and donate it and help set it up. Any advice you could give Equipment Brand, etc, would be really helpful. Thanks - Courtland. Is it going to be "boat to coast"? Furthermore, it's a two way communication: even if you have a strong signal from one AP, it does not mean that a client i.

E Connected with an ethernet not Coax cable to a Verizon fiber optic Box. Moreover, the procedure described here should work with all Realtek chipsets - just use the relevant drivers. This didn't work for me. Any ideas? What OSX version do you have? First thing I might try is to load into 32bit by pressing the 3 and 2 keys at the same time during bootup.

Nope, no luck. Ok I just had to load the Realtek application and it works fine. One question, do I always have to be in 32 bit mode to use the card? No not required - only during installation. Should work on your architecture. However you still need to load the kext everytime you need to use the card, followed by launching the Realtek application. I did an Automator workflow application.

Rtl8187b Driver Mac 10.6

If you need the code just tell me. Anonymous 2: Yep it should work although I have not tested it. If you can get back to me and the readers about the outcome, we would really appreciate it :. It works with OSX Lion How can I get it to work in 64 bit kernel with a 32bit kernel extension?

Boot up in 32 bit mode - i believe by pressing keys '3' and '2' while booting up.