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Originally Posted by SixDegrees. I'm developing an interest in tablet computing. I may pick up a cheap tablet just to goof around with. If and when I develop apps for it Apple is attempting, by the way, to copyright the word 'app', another example of massive overreach it won't be for any Apple products. I have issues with Google as well, but Android is a developer's dream come true - free, well supported by a huge community, and spreading like wildfire.

For the Mac there's nothing stopping you distributing the Qt-based application yourself. Of course, if Apple try to make the App store the only distribution channel for applications on the Mac then that's a different proposition.

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It is a shame that Qt cannot get me to those platforms. Some of the Apple store restrictions are also potential show stoppers for me: Would you buy an app for more than a few tens of dollars sight unseen? My app would depend on periodic updates of the data contained within but this is not a free exercise for me. To make this work I need to drastically drop the application price thereby devaluing the product on other platforms.

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Apps may not use update mechanisms outside of the App Store Apps that present a license screen at launch will be rejected. If Steve were lbs heavier, he could take off his shoe, pound it on the podium, and scream "We will bury you! He apparently doesn't read history, at least not the histories associated with other centrally-controlled, dogmatic dictatorial enterprises like the former Soviet Union.

The Apple Store restrictions sound to me like an excellent way to reduce your market share in deference to the more open models of other mobile OS platforms.

Install qt on Mac OSX

Well, so far they are successful so it seems the approach was a correct one from a business point of view. They can always change their rules should some other scheme become popular enough. Originally Posted by wysota.

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Qt is an "optional library", if at all you can install it through App Store. Originally Posted by serkol. Do you really have to "install" Qt?

Submiting a Qt App to Mac App Store

It does not have to be "installed". Qt is just several files inside your application bundle. But Framework folders can be downsized — no need for debug versions of libs, no need for header files because frameworks are private. This is great just for small application which is based on non-native GUI frameworks. So we resolved size issue, now it is time to get Qt ready to pass examination and be ready for store. After applying it, when using QDesktopServices:: You can not disable it due to need of common settings of Qt Applications. But Apple has restrictions for applications not to write settings of other applications.

So we download second patch for Qt — mac-settings-in-app-area.

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You can see it easily by otool utility:. Now just by copying. Also you need to sign your app by your signature certificate as Mac developer. You have to get such certificate from developer. Everything was tested with otool to see all dependencies, checked on another Mac and got ready to send into App Store If you know how to do all such stuff by scripts please let me know — prefer to do everything in Qt Creator.

Summary — 1. It is not so complicated as for first sight.

Apple is okay to accept Qt apps, just need to apply some patches to Qt. Size of Qt App bundle is small enough maybe if you include several resources into app bundle then size of Qt frameworks may become a minor part. Result — http: Main source of information — http: Unrelated to the actual topic — do you know about Anki http: It is awesome and maybe the best language learning application out there.

c++ - Qt applications on new Mac App Store - Stack Overflow

Is this available for linux too? Thanks very much.

And verified that the patch has been applied. Why do you need to compile in XCode again as a final step? And one More Thing tm: From the public Apple developer docs: Sounds to me like you can create and sign your Certificate yourself, no? Or are there Mac App Store specific requirements which are non-public which require you to have your Certificate signed by Apple, as you suggest?

In any case, the output of the build will be an application bundle.

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To prepare this for submission to the Mac app store, you need to make sure your application's Info. First to there are some changes required to the standard qmake. This achieves the following:. Qmake does have a specific option to specify the Info.