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At present there are:. Technology to support learners with visual impairment - a guide to using built-in tools and features in Windows and Microsoft Word. Did you know that Macs have a range of built-in tools to help with literacy difficulties? This new guide will take you through some of the tools that can help to support Mac users with reading and writing.

The OS X you have installed will depend on the age of your Mac and the frequency you update it. The tools highlighted in the guide reflect most up-to-date Macs. The current version of OS X, Sierra at the time of writing also has Siri built-in similar to the iPad but it requires an internet connection to work.

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VoiceOver can now use one of four grouping modes. Instead of the interaction model that many newcomers to the Mac dislike, you can set VoiceOver to announce or ignore groups, no interaction required. The four options are:. While the latter three get rid of most interaction, there are still a few places where the Mac will require it. For instance, imagine Mail if there was no quick way to navigate past the table of messages; it'd be a nightmare to get around!

For that reason, you might still have to interact with potentially large items like tables.

Mac OS X voices | CereProc Text-to-Speech

Also keep in mind that, at least in I've gotten stuck in frames on webpages before, for example, or in the webpage content itself, unable to get to other parts of Safari. The temporary fix, of course, is to switch back to standard grouping until you can get un-stuck and into an app where this won't be a problem. Play with the four modes, and see what you think. In the Mail app, there is a longstanding bug where VoiceOver users could not easily expand or collapse the Preview Pane.

Now, in This will close the Preview Pane, letting you arrow through emails without having them marked. Note that you will no longer be able to use vo-j to jump between emails' text and the table of messages if you do this. To bring the Pane back, just find that same splitter and move it the other way. This isn't a feature, per se, but it is a very welcome fix that many users will enjoy. This release has its share of bugs , as do all fresh new releases. However, it introduces a number of very nice changes and additions to OS X as a whole, and to VoiceOver in particular.

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Some of us are loving the ability to ditch interaction for good, while others are celebrating at the overall improvement in speech responsiveness. Most of the mainstream features in El Capitan are fully accessible, such as the vastly improved Notes app or the re-designed Disk Utility. There are a few odd omissions, though. Of course, it's far faster to press delete than to swipe up once or twice and double tap, and if you can see to use two apps side by side, chances are you don't need VoiceOver to set that up. Still, especially where swiping to delete is concerned, we hope that Apple will continue to improve access to these features; it would be great if new Mac users could manage mail the same way they're used to on iOS.

Should you upgrade? Assuming you can live with the bugs, this is a solid update that introduces some nice new features. It's free, and it'll work on any Mac that is able to run OS X It even claims to improve performance, and while none of us have yet seen that for sure, neither have we seen any slow-downs at all. The speed increases and other VoiceOver improvements alone make El Cap worth considering for most users reading this, but if you aren't sure you can put up with the teething problems of a brand new OS, you can of course hold off until an update comes along.

Also remember that, as mentioned, none of us are able to test braille support or Zoom on the Mac; if you rely on either of these, we suggest you wait until other users report back. I think Apple should be commended for a couple of these changes. While Karabiner handles mapping Caps Lock as the VO key nicely for me, it's great to see Apple building in this feature that so many users have been clamoring for and giving one less reason to resist making the switch from Windows to Mac.

VoiceOver and Text To Speech for Mac OS X

I also really, really dig the idea of being able to set up Voiceover activities for a particular website. I think the ability to change how the interaction scheme works is a good change as well - again, especially for people making the switch from Windows to Mac. I probably would have been more excited about it when I first started using my Mac, and interacting was this strange, mysterious thing that sounded confusing and inconvenient. Now, I really don't want to think about going back to a world without interaction, as I personally find it makes navigation so much easier and more efficient in a lot of situations.

Anyway, since I grumbled about the bugs, I figured I should balance it out by saying well done on those features that I think are really good additions from Apple. I am interested if pressing fn vo ctrl space is able to control drag Hi, from my check in the public beta versions and until now when comes out, i would like to report the significant bags.

I uses in hebrew language and in the system previous versions it's not happened.

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I sorry about this if it has bin reported. Hello all. I was planning on doing a clean install of the OS. My question is twofold however being i will be getting a new mac book pro soon. The gods at DHS here in Chicago are getting it for me for work. My question is when I install vm ware fusion on the newly clean installed OS or on migrating it to the new mac will the things change in windows so differently that Jaws will be no longer usable?

You know how they have benchmarks for each machine a jaws license is tied to? Or will it still work? Thanks for any help. Hello folks, It's not often i comment in these types of threads but this time i will: Would it be at all possible that someone knowledgeable from Applevis or elsewhere could make a podcast describing how to use the different grouping modes?

I experimented a bit with this feature and never really got the hang of it, i thought the feature was undeveloped and had to mature when it was in Beta and i played with it.

Control Your Mac With Voice Commands

To my eyes it feels like you first hear what's in a group and when you then navigate past the group you get the same contents repeated only in dom mode which in my opinion somehow defeats the purpose of the function, but as i say i don't understand how the new modes work so could someone please enlighten me? Web browsing seems to work better here. Especially VO does a better job of remembering where you left off on a page when you go back, though it looks like there's also other smaller fixes in places.

I'm not sure what you mean by group modes. I thought you meant the El Cap feature, but you mentioned DOM mode, which sounds like the web content navigation setting. Can you clarify which you mean? I guess I am lucky to be a "low vision" user. But, unless I am missing something, a serious accessibility problem first introduced in Yosemite remains in El Capitan in spades.

If you are low vision, you often have trouble reading text or recognizing icons that are low contrast. That is, the foreground object and the background are too close in tone. In Yosemite, black text became gray text in many places in the UI. With the screen inverted which is often more comfortable you are trying to resolve Gray text and objects against a Black background———like trying to find charcoal in a coal mine. I tested just how much contrast has disappeared since Mavericks using tools to measure the contrast levels.

These are the same contrast measurements used to measure minimum compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Here's the bad news and some examples, El Capitan vs. By the way, I turned on two Accessibility controls that supposedly should help when making these measurements. Finder file names are displayed at half the contrast that the were in Mavericks. Finder Sidebar text is about one-third less contrasty than in Mavericks 3. Sidebar icons are less than one-tenth the contrast of black against white. Some crucial text elements such as the "Need Restart" text in the App Store upgrades page are even lower in contrast.

In fact, these last two are completely noncompliant with the minimum web accessibility guidelinbarely noticeable, when yoes. These are just a few of the issues. I have communicated with the Apple Accessibility folks, as well as submitting bug reports on the El Capitan public beta. No dice. Jony Ives prefers style over accessibility.

I understand the trendy, minimalist look that Ives is pushing into the software realm. I just do not see why it would be so hard to give low-vision people the option of truly Black system fonts. You cannot touch the System fonts; well, you can if you are clever and they will present as Gray everywhere.

Oh, and yes, you can crank up the gneral screen contrast, but then you end up with colored tex, icons and pictures that looks as if you are on an acid trip. I give up.

Step 1: Activate Text to Speech

I am sticking with Mavericks. I'm very happy with it and like the new features alot but then that could just be me so don't take my word for it. I don't have problem that doesn't mean any thing but just want to let people know. I'm not lwo vision but it's great you put some testing into this. Have you sent a description like this one to Acessibility apple.

Learning to speak again

Knowing you took the time to use tools to measure the contrast, it's probably something they haven't realized in a prospective such as yours. God luck hope you do email them, because your comment was well thought out. Hello and sorry for the delayed answer. Yes i meant the El Cap feature.

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  6. Hello, I have also been experiencing challenges with group mode. I want to be able to use my computer without having to interact as much. Similar to how when using JAWS there is not a requirement to interact with tables and it still tells you if you are on a table and then automatically interacts with it. I also like how with JAWS the visual rectangle that is there for sighted people who are working with you stays with the text and follows it automatically without having to interact with JAWS.